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Jira Core Cloud relaunched as Jira Work Management

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The value that Jira Work Management brings is a structured work management tool for organizations to plan and track work across teams and projects within a highly configurable, well-defined framework.

Jira Work Management Overview

Atlassian has been introducing some cool new rollouts and one of them is their flagship product Jira, Jira Work Management is a relaunch and full redesign of Jira Core Cloud.

While Jira is known largely for Jira Software and Jira Service Management, a massive portion of the Jira user base is made up of non-technical users on teams like Marketing, HR, Finance, and more. We've received feedback from customers and partners asking for a more friendly and more intuitive Jira experience for these users. 

Here it is, the future of work
Jira Work Management is a modern work management solution for the cloud. There is a number of new features made for, and with, business teams, such as an in-line edit list view, a calendar view, an improved timeline view, and simple drag-and-drop forms for each project.

And we should not forget background colours for projects!

Why choose Jira Work Management?

With Jira Work Management, you get all the power of Jira, packaged in a friendly and approachable interface. It's never been easier to have your entire organization collaborating on the same family of tools.

Jira Work Management connects effortlessly with Jira Software and Jira Service Management, allowing for task dependencies across products and compatibility with features like advanced roadmaps. 

The bottom line is that Jira Work Management is:

  • Built on the Jira platform, Jira Work Management is an easy choice for organizations that are already using Jira Software or Jira Service Management.

  • With a Jira admin already in place, it’s simple to connect Jira Work Management as an approachable tool for business teams while still allowing for the admin-led governance and maintenance that teams and organizations require at scale.

  • The shared Jira platform also allows for dependencies to be identified early and information to flow automatically between the technical and non-technical sides of an organization.

  • JWM leverages all of the enterprise-ready functionality of Jira to become the last piece of the puzzle needed for entire organizations to manage their work in one place, on one central system — Jira.

At DEMICON we are excited to introduce Jira Work Management, the full redesign of Jira Core Cloud. For those that want to know more, contact our brilliant team.