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IT Service Management (ITSM) - What is it, and what are the benefits?

IT Service Management (Or ITSM) is a strategic approach to designing, implementing, managing, and delivering IT services. 

Preparing business for tomorrow

2 min read

DEMICON was named Best IT Management Consulting Firm 2021 by EU Business News magazine, but what’s...

Process optimisation at the Rainforest Alliance

1 min read

DEMICON helped the international NGO Rainforest Alliance to simplify and accelerate its...

What is Jira Work Management?

3 min read

Jira Work Management, formerly known as Jira Core, is a powerful working tool with multiple...

Ensuring compliance standards with Jira and Confluence

1 min read

The Mercedes-Benz Group AG, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry, commissioned...

DEMICON Awarded ISO 27001 certification

1 min read

We blaze into February awarded with the global standard ISO 27001 certificate in information...

Celebrating 14 Years of DEMICON: An Interview with Philipp Batman

4 min read

2021 came with a fresh new design and feel for DEMICON, something we're proud to call the ...

Atlassian pricing updates

2 min read

Over the past years, Atlassian has been highly committed to becoming a cloud-first company by...

Goodbye 2021: Let’s wrap up our DEMICON year

2 min read

As we say goodbye to 2021 and prepare for the next year, we want to take this opportunity to look...

A unique opportunity: DEMICON offers free IT consulting to NGOs

3 min read

Since October 2021, DEMICON has been offering its services to non-governmental-organisations, or...