Committed to Making
People's Lives Easier

DEMICON is a renowned IT specialist who helps businesses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland find opportunities for their digital transformation through innovative, comprehensive solutions.

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The DEMICON approach 


Since 2008, we've pursued our vision of making companies ready for tomorrow by solving their IT problems.

We're proud to have built a legacy based on deep technical knowledge and strategic thinking, combined with a people-first approach that has resonated with over a hundred organizations that have chosen us as their IT solutions partner.

Committed to Making People's Lives Easier

Helping Businesses be More Productive

As a leading IT service provider in the DACH region, we support businesses to leverage their day-to-day work through modern, digital solutions that realize their future of work. To us, there's nothing more rewarding.

Helping Businesses be More Productive


Why go with DEMICON?


We've Got Your Back

No matter your IT needs or business goals, we offer agile solutions tailored to work for you.


A Partnership That Scales with You

We provide future-proof solutions that scale and evolve as your business grows.


With You All the Way

We'll guide you throughout development, from the initial sketch to the final solution.


Constantly Listening and Learning

We offer solutions based on decades of experience, shaped by the latest advancements in IT.


Transparent and Honest

From costs to development progress, we'll keep you in the loop 24/7. We’ll let you know when it’s working and when it’s not.


We are aware that people's lives are becoming increasingly complex. That's why we feel obligated to make our customers' everyday work as simple and productive as possible.

These three core pillars shape the way we work:

    • Customer Obsession
    • Organisational Excellence
    • Employee Centrism


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Let’s grow together, let’s thrive together!

Shaped by our people, the DEMICON values embody the company culture we’ve been consolidating since 2008.


Team Spirit

Regardless of seniority or job title, at DEMICON we are ONE - one team, one company. We work together to achieve our best professional selves. Everything we do is connected as we believe in empathy, the highest form of knowledge.



Practice with purpose, work with passion. We believe in the ‘WOW’ factor and to achieve that, we never stop learning. We go the extra mile for others and ourselves and, as excellence can only be mastered through ongoing learning and development, openness, and curiosity.



We are self-sufficient and bold. We believe in autonomy, and our DEMICON people know that taking risks, making radical decisions, and asking questions are vital to become extraordinary. As long as no micromanagement is involved, you can put us on Mount Everest and we still remain commited and productive!



Our “give before you get” mindset has taught us that it pays to be fully honest to be trusted. When trust is gained, loyalty is returned. That’s our guiding principle for everything that we do at DEMICON.



Last but not least, we’re fun people to work with. Life at DEMICON is never boring. Good humour, good mood, and a ton of laughter help us to maintain a healthy work-life-balance and to keep our customers satisfied.


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