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How to avoid technical debt in Jira?

2 min read

Technical debt is a rare term referring to the implied cost of necessary extra work in your Jira...

How to use Jira data in Power BI

6 min read

Business analytics refers to the digital analysis of data from a range of sources, giving...

Jira Core Cloud relaunched as Jira Work Management

2 min read

The value that Jira Work Management brings is a structured work management tool for organizations...

Webinar: Using Jira and Atlassian Apps for Project Management

1 min read

Join DEMICON and ALM Works for a special joint webinar on the best practices for Jira and Atlassian...

Enhancing Page Discoverability in Confluence

2 min read

Collaborative wiki tools, such as Atlassian's Confluence, have become essential for sharing...

Atlassian to Discontinue Server Product Line: The Future is the Cloud

3 min read

Atlassian has announced some significant changes! Support for the server product line will end in...