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From start-ups to large-scale enterprises across a wide range of industries, we've helped businesses turn their workplace digital for over a decade.

Whether you need help navigating the emerging digital landscape, innovative IT services, or expert training, our team of experts is ready to assist you.

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We Saw Results Right Away

As soon as we started working with DEMICON, we saw results right away. The DEMICON team was by our side, guiding us towards reaching our goals.
We can't wait to see where this partnership will lead to.

Michael Bächle

Cynora - We Saw Results Right Away

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IT's Closer than You Think

With customers expecting perfect digital experiences and the workplace shifting over to a fully digital landscape, it's crucial that businesses are properly equipped to flourish in the Future of Work.

At DEMICON, ensuring you're set up with the Future of Work is at the heart of what we do. We offer a range of expert IT services that will empower your team and boost your infrastructure, so you're ready for anything.

To The Future of Work


Future-Proof Solutions

With DEMICON, we have been able to migrate and consolidate various fragmented processes and documents into a digital platform that offers a full overview, is transparent, easy to manage and delegate, and, importantly, future-proof.

Sebastian Seubert

Daimler Atlassian

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AWS Rising Star

DEMICON is an important AWS Solution Partner, successfully operating in various enterprise industries. DEMICON is the Rising Star of our partner network due to its technical expertise and competent, dynamic teams.
I can only recommend working with DEMICON.

Henning Paulke

Rising Star of our AWS partner network