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Are you tired of feeling held back by your current tool landscape? Are you looking for solutions that will make processes in your company more efficient?


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We optimise your software landscape


The DEMICON team is proficient in all common coding languages and capable of tailoring business applications to the exact needs of your company. Our goal: connecting and automating technology and tools, so they best suit you, your vision and your requirements.


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Access to all relevant technology

We develop scalable, customised software solutions that allow you to adapt and extend your Atlassian tools according to your individual needs. The DEMICON team will analyse your environment and optimise IT workflows using the tools that are the perfect fit for your company.



Agile support from experienced developers

Whether you’re in need of a full-time developer, a software engineering team or an entire dev studio: Our industry experts handle the entire software development process, from strategy to implementation and operations through to full-service support. You can count on the highest quality standards  every step of the way.


More budget for your company vision

We support you in optimising your software to enable smooth, automated processes at your company. Saving time and money through increased efficiency allows you to focus on long-term goals and frees up internal resources for strategy and planning.


Efficient use of internal resources

Take advantage of a modern, digital workplace. Let’s design your workplace of the future: professional, safe, in line with data security standards and future-proof. Our team develops and implements efficient solutions and the right add-ons for your business, ensuring that you continue to make the most of your existing software solutions in the future!

"We wanted to take our IT landscape to the next level with customized solutions and therefore were looking for IT experts with the right know-how. DEMICON has proven to be an excellent partner, guiding us every step of the way towards a more digital future with seamless processes. We are excited about the nextsteps of the collaboration."
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App development

Powerful solutions according to your ideas, from the idea to development

Third-party software integration

From ERP platforms to SaaS tools

Process automation

Performance tests, automated synchronisation of Atlassian apps and much more

Add-On development

Customised add-ons and plug-in solutions

Code-Reviewing & Refactoring

Identification of critical programming errors and constructive feedback

UX und UI services

For more fun at work with your Atlassian apps

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12 Key Points for Successful Migration to Atlassian Cloud

For organizations looking to get one step ahead within their industry, moving to the cloud offers countless benefits, including reducing time to market and lowering costs. Cloud technology gives companies a competitive advantage by maximizing their IT budget, building new efficiencies, and increasing team output. Leading research and advisory company, Gartner, predicts that 80% of all enterprises will have already migrated over to the cloud from on-premise servers and data centers by 2025.


Effective Enterprise Service Management: Finding the Right Tools

Modern service management goes beyond the boundaries of traditional IT services. Comprehensive Enterprise Service Management (ESM) includes all business areas of an organization, focusing on the holistic optimization of processes and seamless collaboration throughout the company. IT service management methods have long been standard practice and ensure stability in incident management and service desk management.

Is moving to the cloud safe?

Cloud and GDPR: Is Moving to the Cloud Safe?


With Atlassian announcing that it'll be discounting its server product line and moving over to the Cloud, it has raised the question of how safe exactly is the Cloud, and whether it complies with GDPR? Well, to answer that question in short, YES, YES IT IS! Keep on reading to find out more about the Cloud and why it's safe. At the beginning of 2024, support for the Atlassian server product line will be discontinued, with new licenses already as of early 2021 no longer being sold.