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What is Jira Work Management?

What is Jira Work Management?

Jira Work Management, formerly known as Jira Core, is a powerful working tool with multiple functionalities that enables intuitive work and collaboration. Jira Work Management's dynamic features align with non-technical teams like Marketing, HR, Design, Finance, etc., who want to organize their work digitally across different departments.  

Jira Work Management leverages the native features of Jira Software, including shared workflows, powerful automation of repetitive tasks and advanced privacy controls to make sure information is safe in the cloud without changing any existing configuration or data. 

Jira Work Management allows teams to plan, map, and track projects and tasks, acting as a base where all project information is held with real-time conversations, avoiding data loss and keeping team members up to date with their daily work.

What are the functionalities of Jira Work Management?

Atlassian has crafted 5 different views to manage work and getting items from “to-do” to “done” in Jira Work Management.


Do you like working with spreadsheets? Then this view is ideal for you. The list view in Jira Work Management is an easy and efficient way to manage daily work on scale, from company-wide projects to cross-team collaboration and even personal projects. 




The calendar view lets you administrate your tasks by month and day. Providing a clear overview of the work to come, visualizing delivery days, helping you keep track of your project tasks with a more systematic planning approach. 



This Gantt chart like view displays your projects in a timeline, visualizing tasks in their temporal course. Tasks can also be displayed by month or quarter, with fields such as responsible user and task status for maximal control of ongoing projects. Jira issues can also be directly created via "Add item".



The board view might look very similar to Trello, following a Kanban pattern; this view counts the teams' requirements to coordinate projects easier by tracking your work through a personalized workflow.



Quickly create forms via drag-and-drop to gather information and requirements to communicate clearly and avoid misunderstandings when coordinating projects between teams.


What are the benefits of Jira Work Management?

Jira Work Management is a simplified Jira adapted to the needs of non-technical teams. Jira Work Management increases productivity and reduces team silos, facilitating work among departments and allowing teams to focus on the work that truly matters. 

Like many Atlassian Products, Jira Work Management comes with over 23 pre-configured templates and multiple automations that make it possible to link it with other tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email providers, bringing the power of Jira to other tools. 

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