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is a popular framework for aligning ITSM methods, guiding the optimization of IT services and aligning them with business needs. As the demand for IT Service Management grows, organisations increasingly adopt ITIL practices to improve processes and deliver high-quality customer services.

Specialising in methodical consultancy, DEMICON helps organisations professionalise their service management offerings through a comprehensive analysis approach, which includes examining processes, structures, people, and technologies, offering methodical and strategic consulting.

DEMICON's comprehensive support encompasses inventory assessments and continuous consultations for specific issues. We offer direction on optimising the service management methodology using ITIL best practices. By adopting this standardised and systematic approach, companies can streamline their service management processes for greater efficiency.


Our ITIL experts design 360° solutions that work for your specific needs.

Our targeted approach - Cut the waste and focus on efficiency.

We provide a comprehensive range of services including methodological expertise, consulting, tool knowledge, and project management to help you optimise your Service Management. Our experts will guide you through process digitalization, automation, compliance, and audit development to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.  

Our consulting solution aims to assist companies in establishing a systematic, standardised, and ITIL-based approach to their IT service management processes. Effectively addressing any methodological issues in service management processes.


How Can We Help Your Organization?

Holistic Evaluation

Analysing individual needs with an end-to-end lifecycle view.

Service Management Modernisation

Establishing and modernising service management processes for maximum efficiency.

Non-Value Adding Activity Reduction

Identifying and eliminating non-value adding activities to improve productivity.

Lean ITIL Processes

Implementing lean ITIL processes to streamline operations and enhance Service Management.

Cost Optimisation

Identifying cost optimisation opportunities to reduce expenses.

Process Digitisation & Automation

Adopting demonstrated best practices to digitalise and automate processes.

Audit & Compliance

Developing processes compliant with audit and compliance regulations.

Resource Utilisation Optimisation

Optimising current resources for better outcomes.

Gap Analysis

Conducting a gap analysis to enhance process maturity and performance.


Established Framework (ITIL)



Enhanced Service Management Processes
Organisations can experience improved processes across various functions and departments by implementing an established framework like ITIL. 


Increased Organisational Maturity
Embracing the ITIL methodology encourages a culture of continuous improvement and best practices, allowing organisations to mature in handling challenges and opportunities. As maturity grows, the organisation becomes better equipped to navigate complexities and adapt to changes in the business landscape.


Transformed Organisational Development
Implementing ITIL transforms how an organisation evolves and grows. Promoting a proactive approach to development accentuates long-term sustainability and strategic planning, creating a stronger and more resilient organisation.


Process Alignment
ITIL enables the alignment of processes throughout the organisation. Ensuring all teams and departments are on the same page, leading to aligned operations and a more cohesive working environment.

Why Choose DEMICON as Your Methodological Partner? 

Tool Independence 

Methodical Consulting focuses on understanding the customer's current situation and finding solutions to their problems without relying on any specific tool. However, we have a range of tools at our disposal that can be used to help our customers. Our team of experts is always ready to provide support and guidance in selecting the right tool for your needs.

Customer Centricity

Our team is committed to assisting you in resolving any organisational, process-related, or technical issues you may have and to optimising the value of your service management.

Customer Satisfaction

We place great emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction by providing unparalleled support and assistance for effective operation.



Take advantage of our methodological knowledge in the ITIL framework and Service Management tools. Our systematic consulting services prioritise your organisation's requirements, guaranteeing that your business is ready to thrive in today's market.


"DEMICON respond quickly to our inquiries and, thanks to their hands-on mentality, always find a suitable solution for individual feature requests. The team is ready to think outside the box at all times.“
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