Atlassian licenses,
without the hassle

From procurement to reporting, we take care of managing your Atlassian licenses and their overhead, ensuring they are cost-efficient, optimised, and always up-to-date.

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Our experts will ...

... find the right licenses for you

Based on your requirements, we willl select and purchase an Atlassian license configuration that works perfectly for your team.

Advice for your individual use-case

Find the Right Licenses for You

... provide full cost transparency

With DEMICON, you will have a clear overview of your licensing costs from day one. Know exactly where you're spending money, and more importantly, where you're saving it.

No hidden costs

No Hidden Fees  - Transparent Costs

... coordinate license renewals efficiently 

We will consolidate all of your licenses to renew simultaneously on a date that suits your team, processes, and business schedule.

Consolidation of licenses

Consolidation of Licenses

... provide on-demand licensing advice

As your business and team grow, you may need to expand your Atlassian library and its capabilities. We offer you expert advice on the latest Atlassian Marketplace add-ons and much more.

Add-on consulting

Offer Licensing Advice When You Need It

Cut costs with in-depth
license reporting


Our detailed reports allow us to monitor your licenses, ensuring they are used as efficiently as possible, saving your business time and money. Want us to take a look?


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