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2022, the most successful year in the history of DEMICON

2022, the most successful year in the history of DEMICON


For DEMICON, the year 2022 started with a bang. We were nominated for multiple awards, both locally in our home market of Germany, but also got focus on Europe and the IT industry.

Throughout the year, we have been able to get in some of the best IT projects in the market, with cutting-edge tasks that help us make people's lives easier and more productive, and we are very proud of the talented team we have been able to hire during the year. 

The year also saw sponsorship cooperation with SSV Jahn 1889 Regensburg futsal club, and same as last year we supported the charities SOS Kinderdorf, Wünschewagen and Stelp e.V. with more than 10,000 EUR.

DEMICON dates back to 2008. In fact, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary in January. We have, from day one, focused on technology consulting and have developed to become a company of close to 150 talented employees working for some of the most incredible brands in the world.

We sat down with Philipp Batman, the founder and CEO of DEMICON to talk about 2022 and how to look at the year and look a little into the future of DEMICON.

2022: Another year of Disruption

"A bit like 2021 for some businesses, but now for completely different reasons, 2022 was a challenging year. Fortunately for DEMICON it has proved to be very positive on the business side, and the multiple awards reflect the quality of our work over the past year. In addition, the amount of great talent we have been able to add to our growing team." said Philipp when asked about 2022.

2022: Be Agile or be left behind

"We've always positioned ourselves as an agile consultancy that puts remote working first for our clients and team. We are in the digital collaboration space and offer services to get businesses set up with this new way of working. 2022 has kept the momentum going for this side of the business,"

Germany's and Europe's competitiveness sits with the adaptation of technology

"We witness how companies transform when applying technology and processes to their way of running their business. However, even during the current situation, with the challenges facing the ongoing war and higher cost of living, Europe has to pay attention to their slow adaption to technology and be nobler when it comes to this transformation."

We need to keep moving forward

"DevOps is no longer a competitive advantage; it has become an industry standard. It is no longer a question of a company prioritizing DevOps transformation. For executives, it is crucial to understand the big picture of DevOps; their companies' future depends on their ability to understand this. We have to keep on moving forward."

What are the biggest IT trends to be on the lookout for?

"Like last year, there is an ongoing shift from on-premise applications to more cloud-based SaaS solutions, with businesses moving entirely from their servers to the cloud. And as last year and with a focus on Germany specifically, Cloud Engineering is becoming more apparent, merging high-quality, well-built machinery with digital offerings. 

Technology impacts all sectors via artificial intelligence (AI), including machine learning and the cloud. On top of that, we have advances in biological science and how that will impact the development of AI, automation and the power of computing as we know it. So I can genuinely say that we live in exciting times when it comes to information technology.

Inspiration comes from multiple sources

"My source of inspiration is mainly people; it can be as close as my own children and wife to witnessing people doing what they love doing and doing it well. People who look at the bigger picture and think about how this greater meaning ties together

I value people with capability, integrity, and empathy, which has become even more important now as we are exposed to what is happening in Ukraine, which impacts the people around us.

These are great last words for 2022, and we look forward to an exciting 2023 and wish you happy holidays and a fantastic start to the new peaceful year.


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