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Preparing business for tomorrow

DEMICON was named Best IT Management Consulting Firm 2021 by EU Business News magazine, but what’s behind the prize in terms of what we actually do? On the face of it, the prize is recognition of the high quality of advice we provide our clients on how to deal with the ever-changing world of IT – but what does that mean under real-world conditions?

A well-run company needs to adapt to rapidly developing changes in digital technology.  It’s our job to advise, guide and implement the changes that are needed for a company to become more productive using innovative technology.


We’ve been doing that since 2008, so we have a vast wealth of experience to draw upon. Businesses from SMEs to multinationals have benefited from our knowledge.
“No matter how big our client is, we set a goal of leveraging that business’ IT infrastructure, while keeping it secure and stable at the same time,” says Philipp Batman, DEMICON’s Chief Executive Officer.

Even for a big company with its own team of in-house IT experts, the task of keeping up with technological developments can be daunting. That’s where DEMICON comes into the picture. “Our experts simplify our clients’ workflows by either redesigning their already present software landscape or by adding to their existing applications,” says Batman. “Our experience means we can quickly identify the appropriate tools from competent software providers.”

OK, offering solutions is great, but what if the changeover process interrupts workflows needed to keep a company running? After all, issues will inevitably arise along the way. We know that implementing new technology without preparing for unexpected problems can lead to failure. It’s keen awareness like that, that sets us apart from the rest.“We improved the network latency time of a major logistics provider with over 30,000 employees around the world by a factor of 10 with zero downtime,” says Batman. “We always make it a top priority to not only provide a solution for our clients but to do so without disrupting their critical software infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on the level of support we give our clients on the road to more productivity.  It means we don’t just provide the best of the best, we ensure the changeover process is smooth from the get-go.

“As soon as we started working with DEMICON, we saw results right away,” says Michael Baechle, COO of CYNORA, an organic light-emitting diode company in Germany. “The DEMICON team was by our side, guiding us towards reaching our goals.”

Furthermore, we deliver what we think is the ultimate support: As an Atlassian platinum solution partner, we give our clients comprehensive advice in license management, custom software development and training in Atlassian software. “From analysing, consulting and implementing custom tools through to integrating support solutions into existing landscapes – We provide individual, end-to-end service that will take a company’s process management to the next level,” says Batman.

DEMICON's guiding principles along with organizational excellence are total customer and employee centrism. If you'd like to be a part of the DEMICON journey, check out our career's page to see if there's a position that fits you.

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