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Digital Product Forum 2022: DEMICON as an agility driver in the automotive industry

Digital Product Forum 2022: DEMICON as an agility driver in the automotive industry

How does the future of the automotive industry look in the age of agility, automation and digitalised software development?

What do companies need to create a modern, scalable production environment? How can excellent quality consistently be maintained with increasing speed and complexity?

Industry experts will discuss questions like these at this year's Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum (PDF) from 18-21 July 2022 at the International Congress Center Stuttgart (ICS). We will also participate in the international congress, a hybrid event for the first time this year. Our team is looking forward to exchanging ideas with Mercedes-Benz and its partners on the digitalisation of development processes. Especially in recent years, we have significantly developed our automotive R&D and IT solutions and combined them into specialised services focusing on the automotive industry.

"We are pleased to participate in the forum again this year and to talk with other experts about important measures with which automotive manufacturers can optimally prepare themselves for a completely digitalised, automated world," says Torben Schwennesen, Chief Product Owner and Business Unit Lead at DEMICON.

Our team will be present at the event with a booth and two expert talks.

In an online panel discussion on 19 July at 10 a.m., Torben Schwennesen, Chief Product Owner and Business Unit Lead at DEMICON, and Nepomuk Heimberger from collaboration Factory AG will discuss hybrid project management with Jira & cplace. Exploring how complex and safety-critical product development can be simplified at increasing speeds with agile and collaborative tools, thus creating a basis for sustainable success.

On 20 July at 11 a.m., in area C1.2.2, Rico Nuguid, DEMICON Business Unit Lead & Principal Cloud Solution Architect, and Matthias Ludwig, Expert System Product Owner at MBition, will speak about building a cloud-native MB.OS software factory and how agile development, IoT and cloud solutions will significantly impact the automotive industry's future.

This year's Digital Product Forum focuses on digital development, virtual & augmented reality, data-powered engineering, and MB.OS: lead in car software and autonomous driving.

"We look forward to working with companies such as Atlassian, AWS, collaboration Factory and MBition. The DPF is an attractive opportunity to showcase our services and our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz," - adds Christopher Graf, Senior DevOps & Agile Consultant at DEMICON.

Are you also in Stuttgart and attending the congress? Then, visit our DEMICON booth (number #3) to learn more about our services and meet our colleagues. Here you can find a detailed hall plan of the Forum.

Read our success stories to get additional insights describing current challenges in the automotive industry. Learn how DEMICON has further developed automotive R&D and IT solutions to support our customers in their digital transformation optimally. Click here for a free download.

Perhaps we will meet in Stuttgart? If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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