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Success Story:

Process optimisation at the Rainforest Alliance

DEMICON helped the international NGO Rainforest Alliance to simplify and accelerate its traceability process for more sustainable palm oil, thereby facilitating the work of all stakeholders involved while promoting trust and sustainability.

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Success Story Rainforest Alliance

4 min read
Pro-Bono Project: Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz e.V.
DEMICON's Pro Bono initiative supports non-governmental organizations within a defined project with...
1 min read
Automation as a success driver in service management
Thanks to DEMICON's support, our client was able to automate and revise processes effectively,...
3 min read
Boosting Reliability, Productivity and Cost Efficiency with the Well-Architected Framework
The Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a set of best practices for designing and operating...
2 min read
Revolutionising Service Management through AI-Powered ChatGPT Technology
By integrating ChatGPT's cutting-edge technology into the Jira Service Management platform, we have...
4 min read
The DEMICON Wrap-up of 2022
The DEMICON Wrap-up of 2022.
3 min read
2022, the most successful year in the history of DEMICON
For DEMICON the year 2022 started with a bang, we were nominated for multiple awards, both locally...

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