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DEMICON receives partner award from Adaptavist

DEMICON receives partner award from Adaptavist

Our partner Adaptavist, who recently won the Atlassian Partner of the Year, awarded us the Case Study Of The Year Award in recognition of our work for the Rainforest Alliance.

"Using Scriptrunner for Jira, we helped the Rainforest Alliance to simplify and accelerate its palm oil traceability process, thereby facilitating the work of all stakeholders involved while promoting trust and sustainability,” says our colleague Christian Wiemer, senior consultant at DEMICON.

The NGO created transparency along the entire palm oil production chain with reliable, precise data collection and big data processing. The work of DEMICON forms the basis for the traceability program, which aims to enable more sustainable palm oil production.

Christian Wiemer continues, "We have multiple exciting success stories, but we are specifically proud of this one. It shows how we developed a scalable solution for successful documentation and project management, handling big sets of data."

The adaptable nature of Jira makes it a perfect match, and to extend the power of Jira even further, we worked with ProForma: Forms for Jira, Email This Issue, Insight Asset Management, and Refined for Jira. However, the Rainforest Alliance needed a way to move vast amounts of data between different Atlassian applications efficiently using automation, and for that, we went for ScriptRunner.

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From left to right: Andy Kirk (Channel Partnerships Manager at Adaptavist), Merilin Kattai (Partnerships Team Lead at Adaptavist), Susann Garin (Partner Manager at DEMICON)and Christian Wiemer (Senior Consultant at DEMICON)

Here are the main benefits of our work for the Rainforest Alliance at a glance:

  • streamlined and straightforward communication between all stakeholders
  • increased efficiency
  • strengthened compliance
  • transparent stakeholder management
  • time savings and real-time data processing

Ultimately, these benefits have not only resulted in a very successful partnership, but more importantly, have enabled the Rainforest Alliance team to achieve its goals.

Andy Kirk, Channel Partnerships Manager at Adaptavist, says: "This is a brand new award given by us for the first time this year. The Rainforest Alliance success story inspired us that the idea sparked to start this award, and who other than DEMCION should get it. The team’s work with the international nonprofit organisation Rainforest Alliance was a great example of how partnerships can help achieve positive outcomes for organisations using Atlassian tools to improve efficiencies and automate processes."

This award is a great recognition for the improvements we reached at our client Rainforest Alliance, but also stands for the successful long-term relationship we have with Adaptavist. Cheers to the award, our successful collaboration and to upcoming projects!

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