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DEMICON Awarded ISO 27001 certification

We blaze into February awarded with the global standard ISO 27001 certificate in information security management. The certification inspires a new level of trust in how we organise our IT security. Coupled with last year's ISO 9001 certificate for quality management, the new certification means we've reached our goal of providing reliable security and quality for customers.

“ISO 27001 was the next logical and consistent step for us, and it’s finally been achieved, so we can enter the new year with confidence,” says René Tobies, COO of DEMICON.

What ISO 27001 does is detail the requirements for establishing, sustaining, and continually improving our information security management systems. After long, concentrated preparation, the external certification assessment, by IT_ZERT® Germany, was accomplished just in time for Christmas. Our target to put the effectiveness of our newly introduced information security management system to the test, was reached in full accordance with the strict standard requirements of ISO 27001.

We critically examined all core processes in which information is managed and stored, and systematically checked them for weaknesses. We go virtually bulletproofed into the new year!

Securing information storage has always been a top priority for DEMICON, but this latest recognition provides an important outward signal.

“It’s been DEMICON’s goal to continuously improve and streamline our security. The difference now is that we have an official seal,” says Philipp Batman, CEO of DEMICON. “It’s indeed something to be proud of, after having gone through an intense inner evaluation, to have established an effective information security management system according to the internationally recognised ISO 27001.”

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