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DevEx Platforms as a Business Driver: Optimising Developer Experience for Measurable Business Success

DevEx Platforms as a Business Driver: Optimising Developer Experience for Measurable Business Success




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got-your-back_dark ALEXANDER RUSA
        Senior Solution Architect DEMICON
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Join us for an insightful webinar on how optimising Developer Experience (DevEx) can drive measurable business success with a platform approach. We'll begin with an engaging story to set the stage, followed by an overview of the business case for DevEx, highlighting the impact on costs, security, and compliance.


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Delve into strategic pillars for a successful DevEx platform, including company culture, team structures, and change management. Explore processes and technologies like self-service platforms, automation, cloud-native solutions, and a "shift-left" approach to security.

Learn how to measure and optimise DevEx using key metrics such as DORA Metrics and onboarding time, and hear a real-world case study from the automotive industry. The session will conclude with a live Q&A.




Overview of the webinar content.
The Business Case for DevEx
We will explore the critical benefits of Developer Experience (DevEx) for Software Development. Discover how improving DevEx can significantly reduce operational costs, bolster security measures, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Strategic Pillars for a Successful DevEx Platform
Uncover how company culture, organisational structures, processes, technologies, and effective measurement can transform your Developer Experience. We dive into the WHY of DevEx Platforms with topics like self-service approaches, automation, and the adoption of cloud-native technologies. Gain insights into key metrics for assessing and enhancing DevEx. This session offers practical strategies to build a robust DevEx platform that drives productivity and innovation.
Real-World Examples: DevEx in the Automotive Industry
A case study of a company that has successfully implemented DevEx will be presented. Specific tips and best practices from the experience gained will be shared.
Q&A and Next Steps
Live Q&A session and provision of access to the following resources: whitepapers and checklists.



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