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Why Banks Should Adopt ITIL Processes!

Why Banks Should Adopt ITIL Processes!

Banks are the backbone of the financial system. They manage vast amounts of sensitive data, provide complex financial services, and keep pace with ever-increasing regulatory and customer demands. In this complex environment, an efficient IT infrastructure is essential. To ensure efficient processes, a robust infrastructure, the smooth delivery of IT services that meet security and compliance requirements, and customer satisfaction, banking IT must focus on operational support.



One potential answer to the question of how to achieve efficiency is through the standardization of (IT) service processes. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library - better known as ITIL - provides a framework for planning, delivering and managing services. ITIL takes a cross-interface, technology-independent and holistic view of processes. 


How Banks Benefit from Implementing

Processes in Accordance with ITIL Best Practices


Meet the demands of internal or external auditors, such as for upcoming SOX audits, with documented, easy-to-understand processes, activities and clear responsibilities.

Risk Management

Develop standardised change management procedures to integrate risk management into daily operations. Make sure that changes to IT systems and services are controlled, documented, and approved.

Regulatory Compliance

ITIL provides best practices for the development and implementation of internal policies and procedures to ensure that employees understand and comply with applicable regulations.

ISO / IEC 20000 

If you are looking to obtain ISO/IEC 20000 certification for your IT Service Management System, ITIL can help you to meet these requirements with a basic setup.

MaRisk & BAIT

The Minimum Requirements for Risk Management and Banking Supervisory Requirements for IT are specific to the financial services sector in Germany. Designing authorisation requests that require approval in your User Management according to ITIL helps ensure efficient service delivery.




Other banking use

Cases for ITIL Include

Incident Management

Ensure that security incidents, major incidents and other IT infrastructure issues are reported appropriately and accurately.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Use SLAs to meet your service quality standards. ITIL defines metrics and key performance indicators for evaluating the performance of IT services. Auditors can use these metrics to assess performance and determine whether agreed-upon service levels are being met. Use SLAs as a management tool to continuously improve your service quality.


BCM & Disaster Recovery

Implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans to maintain business operations in the event of a major disruption or disaster.





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