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Atlassian to Discontinue Server Product Line: The Future is the Cloud

Atlassian to Discontinue Server Product Line: The Future is the Cloud

Atlassian has announced some significant changes! Support for the server product line will end in early 2024, with sales of new licenses being discontinued at the beginning of 2021. However, never fear, demicon is prepared for this outcome, and we're here to discuss how it might affect you and what new opportunities it brings.

Goodbye to the Atlassian Server

To focus on the premium cloud experiences, Atlassian is simplifying its server and data center offerings. In the future, the entire focus will be on the cloud, supplemented by data center deployment for enterprise customers.

It may sound intimidating at first, but almost 90% of new users are already benefiting from the advantages of the Atlassian Cloud - and the trend is on the rise. More and more server customers are gradually switching to the cloud in order to take advantage of the simpler administration, immediate scalability, and faster amortization of the investment.

Atlassian's continuous investment in the cloud allows teams to work more agile, staying one step ahead of the competition. Thanks to a modern, intuitive, and uniform collaboration experience across all Atlassian products, the Atlassian Cloud is already presenting huge advantages. Automation and machine learning means less time is lost in repetitive work, and integrations allow for a smoother workflow for everyone involved.

As a "Cloud First" company, Atlassian is now announcing changes to its range of server and data center solutions to be able to entirely focus on the cloud so that all customers can achieve even more ambitious goals. This transition can be difficult for current server and data center customers, yet it'll be extremely worthwhile in the long run. At demicon, we're here to support you on migrating over to the Atlassian Cloud so that the transition will be as smooth as possible.

Here are the announced changes:

On 2nd February 2021 the following changes come into force:

  • End of new server license sales: No new offers or sales of server products.
  • Server price updates.

The following change will take effect on 2nd February 2024:

  • End of support for all server products: Support and bug fixes are no longer available for server products from this point in time.

To make the transition easier, support and maintenance of the server are guaranteed for three years. The Atlassian Cloud's migration is complemented by the Atlassian Migration Program (AMP), which offers step-by-step instructions, free migration tools, and a free trial period for the remaining server support (up to 12-months).

Data Center Products to be Increased

For some customers, three years of preparation is still not enough to switch from server to cloud products, or they cannot switch to the cloud due to operational reasons. If this is the case, Atlassian offers the Data Center product line as a variant for deployment. Jira users can host the data center version within their own data center or operate it on a cloud platform of their choice (e.g., AWS / Azure).

New applications and integrations are being developed to make cloud and data center products perform even better together. In the future, several high-performance apps will be included in the data center deployment that previously had to be purchased separately. Atlassian's priority support will then also be included. To push forward this continuous innovation, a price adjustment will be carried out on the data center subscriptions started February 2nd 2021.

Hope to Cope with These Changes

Migrating to the cloud is a process that will be faster for some and slower for others. But the effort is worth it! No matter at which point in this process your company is, we'll help you cope with these changes. Here are our recommended next steps:

  1. Get up to speed with the upcoming changes and options available. The transition roadmap, frequently asked questions, and further steps can be found on the Atlassian website.

  2. Decide which way to go. There are many options, and there is still enough time to weigh them up.

  3. Reach out to us! Let us advise you free of charge - together, we will evaluate which deployment variant is the right choice for you and how the migration should be professionally planned.

Although the move to the cloud may seem daunting at first, we assure you that we will do everything for a successful migration.

If you have questions about the upcoming changes, want to start the migration process with us, or start a new deployment, we're here for you! Get in contact with us to talk further about migrating to the Atlassian Cloud.

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