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Important changes to the Atlassian cloud pricing

Important changes to the Atlassian cloud pricing

Atlassian is increasing the prices of multiple cloud products, the new prices will be implemented after October 12, 2021. Even though a price change might be concerning, our experienced consultants at DEMICON are there to support you and find the best pricing option for your use case.

Read on to find how to get advantaged pricing.

The following products will be influenced by the price increase:

  • Jira Software: Standard, Premium and Enterprise.
  • Confluence: Standard, Premium and Enterprise.
  • Jira Service Management: Premium and Enterprise.
  • Atlassian Access.

Only cloud products will increase their price for monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Will the price for Atlassian cloud products also increase if you have already purchased a plan?

Since most clients use a different mix of Atlassian products and services, each customer will be affected in different ways by these changes. To ease up the transition, customers who already have plans for the aforementioned products can take advantage of lower prices by repurchasing the products before the deadline or contacting an Atlassian Solution Partner to evaluate the best pricing options.

The monthly and annual subscription plans for existing clients will also increase for:

  • Jira Software: Standard and Premium.
  • Confluence: Standard
  • Jira Service Management: Standard, Automation for Jira Special Premium Pricing Plan

Existing clients on advantaged pricing plans will have a gradual price increase.

Why is Atlassian increasing the price of their Cloud apps?

Atlassian has heavily invested in building a robust platform for all teams with improved insights, machine learning capabilities and automation to allow customers to work better and faster. They regularly evaluate their pricing and make updates as needed.

How to get the best price possible for your subscription plans?

  • For monthly subscriptions, the most cost-saving option is to increase your plan to yearly.
  • If you already are a DEMICON client, we can renew your subscription for another year or two before the deadline on October 12, 2021, so you can enjoy lower prices and ease up your way into the new pricing options.
  • Contact DEMICON before October 10, 2021, to request a quote.

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