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The time has come: Introducing the new DEMICON brand identity

Normally, we give insights about how DEMICON supports businesses in getting up-to-speed with digital transformation and the future of work. However, this blog post is about our own transformation, which we’ve been working passionately on since the beginning of this year.

After numerous brainstormings, discussions and evaluations, the day has finally come: Today, we’d like to proudly present our new brand design! Say hello to a new, refreshed look with rejuvenated colours, a restructured and sleek website and a strong focus on a seamless user experience no matter which device you use.

However, we are aware that this is an ongoing journey, we are constantly changing and adapting, and we keep in mind that nothing is permanent.


The DEMICON debranding

Yes, that’s correct: It’s a de-branding, not a re-branding! Simplicity, focus and clarity are the main pillars, and this approach is now perfectly in line with our brand promise: Make people’s lives easier and more productive. The new brand identity enables us to show our corporate mission and goals even more clearly in the coming years in order to support our customers on their journey of digital transformation...and have fun doing it.

Philipp Batman, CEO of DEMICON:

“The debranding is an essential step for DEMICON. The past couple of years have shown us that DEMICON can adapt to unforeseen circumstances with an amazing amount of agility and power. We use this power and get ready for a change that is finally showing its results. I’m proud of our team and look forward to bringing our company to the next level of digitization in the future of work.”

In the last 13 years, DEMICON has grown into a leading company that helps businesses with digital technology and platforms to fundamentally change their co-working processes, boost their strategy and thus deliver even more value to their stakeholders.

It was time for us to do the same and that feels absolutely amazing! Cheers to everything that’s yet to come and a huge thanks to all our colleagues.



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