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Improving Work Processes with Resource Management and Planning Software

Many businesses are facing the challenge of effectively organizing and managing their team's productivity. It's vital within project management to have a clear understanding of which employee is taking care of what; it's crucial to ensure meaningful planning. This is especially important when working remotely or between branches spread out across different locations. One way to tackle this is with Tempo, the resource management and planning software available via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Optimally Organize Remote Teams

For employees working remotely, good organization and synchronization with the rest of the team are essential. Tempo helps with project planning and time tracking for distributed teams. It makes it easier to monitor work processes and ensures that everyone is meeting their deadlines. By automating time tracking in Jira with Tempo, managers can view insightful data that helps teams manage their time and finances. This way, there's an overview that can identify bottlenecks in good time so that teams can react accordingly.

Effectively Manage Employee Capacity

Ineffective resource planning ultimately comes at the expense of the people working hard for the business. Often at times, poor resource planning leads to blockers, overtime, and missed project deadlines. Ineffective resource planning also deeply affects employee satisfaction, which leads to increased stress and reduced motivation.

All of these factors are deeply important and have a significant impact on the life of a project and poor employee performance. Thanks to various Resource Management Software like Tempo, managers can see at a glance whether their team is overworked or underworked, allowing for their workload to be adjusted accordingly.

Flexible and Agile

Last-minute changes or unaccounted for illness can quickly disrupt project plans and timelines. With Tempo, managers can easily see all necessary data at hand, giving complete control to intervene, allowing for quick reactions and changes in plans.

Functional Software Features

It's common for businesses to work with standard spreadsheet programs such as Excel or Sheets; however, they aren't as effective as solid Resource Management and Planning Software. For example, spreadsheets are easily corrupted, or data is lost. Revisions also have to be made manually, which is time-consuming and can damage a business's reputation. Tempo allows managers to:

  • Create and assign various tasks to their employees
  • Visualize the efforts of your team, including sub-areas of a task
  • Understand employee workload with real-time data

The most valuable resource of a business is its employees. Tempo offers increased time management and performance, keeping teams happier and more productive. Get in contact with us to see how Tempo can work for your resource management and planning.

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