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Case Study: How Agile and Lean Project Management drives innovation

While Jira is one of the most powerful tools for agile collaboration, its maximum potential can only be achieved when used in an agile work environment. Unfortunately, our client's infrastructure had embedded the tool in more traditional project workflows, and the team was not getting the most out of it in their everyday work.

Our client is one of the global leaders in the automotive industry and is in an exciting yet challenging phase. The teams used to work with a vast number of tools, and there was a need to combine them in a way that suited the global organisation's collaborative, communicative and cultural requirements.

Our client wanted to take project management to the next level, and DEMICON delivered extensive know-how and creative solutions that fit the client's needs.

Read the full Case Study to learn how to connect the dots between tools, processes and methodologies to increase efficiency and transparency within the R&D department of an international car manufacturer.  




All wins at a glance:

  • Increased transparency among stakeholders thanks to clear communication in one tool
  • Improved reliability by enabling teams to prioritise better and faster 
  • Higher employee commitment due to clearly defined responsibilities and work packages
  • Enhanced agile collaboration and project management thanks to scalability across teams

And much more. 

Download the Case Study here:

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