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Atlassian Forge: How to work more efficiently with custom-built applications in the cloud

Atlassian Forge: How to work more efficiently with custom-built applications in the cloud

In the ever-changing landscape of the Atlassian Cloud, agility and customization are key to business success. Not every industry is the same, and every business faces unique challenges. That is where Atlassian Forge comes in. It allows you to build and host custom applications directly in the cloud. Ensuring that every challenge is met with the best possible response.


The value of Apps built with Atlassian Forge for your use case 

Managing an organisation is never easy, but Atlassian Forge makes it a lot easier. If you use Jira, Confluence, or Jira Service Management, you can now host custom applications directly on the Atlassian Infrastructure. No need for external servers.

What the benefits can look like in practice:

  • Direct hosting

With Atlassian Forge, you can host your applications directly on the Atlassian Infrastructure. You no longer need your own servers to host your applications. This saves time and money. Plus, building apps with Forge is fast and easy.

  • Comprehensive UI integration

Atlassian Forge provides flexible and intuitive integration with the Jira and Confluence user interfaces. You can integrate your applications directly into the UI to make them even more accessible. Forge also provides a simple user experience to ensure that users can easily find and use your applications.

  • Security-focused permissions model

Atlassian Forge provides a robust permissions model to handle security-aware REST API requests. This ensures that data security is paramount.

  • Integration with Jira-triggered events

Atlassian Forge is designed to integrate seamlessly with Jira. It can trigger and respond to events in Jira. For example, Forge can be employed for more complex scenarios, such as automatically generating a new project with specific configurations whenever an issue is created within a particular project.

  • Combine Jira Automation, Assets and Forge

You can effectively combine Atlassian Forge with Jira and Confluence Automations and  Jira Service Management Assets to streamline workflows and resource management. Automate workflows and processes to make your work more efficient.

Atlassian Forge offers diverse applications, from automated configuration to service request integration. The result: More efficiency and more satisfied customers.


Use Cases for Using Atlassian forge

Atlassian Forge is a flexible and customisable framework for building applications that integrate seamlessly with the Atlassian platform. We have gained exclusive insight from our customer projects and would like to share some sample use cases for Atlassian Forge. These scenarios show how customized Apps written with Forge can be used to synchronise individual configuration data, automatically configure projects, and integrate items into service requests.

  • Automated and scheduled synchronisation of configuration data with Jira Service Management Assets

Synchronising configuration data with assets can often be a time-consuming and complex task. However, by using a customised app written in Forge, you can perform automated and scheduled synchronisation of configuration data, allowing you to retrieve configuration data directly from the Atlassian Jira Cloud Rest API Interface of the site's configuration, process it, and upload it to Assets. Eliminating repetitive tasks.

  • Automatic project creation via Service Desk with tailored authorization allocation

Customized Apps written with Forge can also be used to enable automatic project creation via the Service Desk. This means that customers only need to make a simple request to receive a new project. Forge can automatically process the request and create the project by providing the necessary configuration settings and granting access rights. That saves time as there are no manual steps such as configuration during the project creation process.

  • Integrating elements into Service Requests

Organisations can customise their service requests easily with Forge. It offers the flexibility to integrate additional elements into service requests. For example, you can add a booking tool with a calendar function inside a Jira Service Management request. Making it easier for your organisation to customise its service requests according to particular needs.

  • Automated configuration of project settings through a service desk

A custom App written in Forge allows you to configure project settings for specific customers automatically. Providing custom fields, issue types and other settings makes work more efficient and helps reduce errors. To avoid confusion and keep track of projects, automatic configuration can also ensure that users can only configure their own projects.


To summarise the benefits

Atlassian Forge is a powerful framework that offers many benefits to organisations. We hope the use cases above give you an idea of how Customized Apps written with Forge can help and encourage you to learn more about its capabilities and solutions for your business. Also, explore the benefits of using our Custom App Consulting and Development services to design and implement bespoke solutions for your business.

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