Leverage Your
IT Infrastructure

Managed services that leverage your business' ever-growing
IT infrastructure, keeping it secure, stable, and scalable.

From cloud hosting to around-the-clock support, we offer a
wide range of services that ensure your IT infrastructure is
running exactly how you want it to run. Contact us to see how
we can help.

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IT Managed Services That –

Are Bespoke to Your Business

With over twelve years of experience enhancing and optimizing IT solutions, our team offers exceptional managed services and hosting solutions tailor-made to you and your business' exact needs.

- Bespoke IT Solutions

Bespoke to Your Business

Save Your Business Money

No hidden costs. We only charge for the resources used, eliminating costly investments in resources that remain used. Need a little bit extra? We can advise you on additional solutions that stay within your budget.

- Pay-As-You-Go

Save Your Business Money

Adapt and Scale with Your Business

No need to predict your resource requirements. Our managed services are agile and automatically scale as your business grows. If you need to downsize, no problem. Our services also auto-scale down if you need be.

- High Flexibility and Autoscaling

Adapt and Scale with Your Business
DEMICON is the Rising Star of our partner network. Therefore, I can only recommend working with them.
Henning Paulke

Guarantee a Stable IT
Infrastructure 24/7

Your IT Infrastructure's stability is monitored 24/7, making sure it's as error-free and running as smooth as possible. Any anomalies that pop up are reported and dealt with immediately, keeping your team productive and business thriving.

- 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance

Guarantee a Stable IT Infrastructure

Ensure Your Network is Secure

By monitoring your traffic, we'll ensure your network is secure and safe from attacks for extra peace of mind. Security checks are carried out daily, with all updates immediately installed.

- Managed Firewall and Network

Ensure Your Network is Secure-1

Backup Your Data in case of Emergency

There's nothing worse than losing your business' data. In the unlikely event of a system failure, we'll make sure your valuable data is quickly restored without losing any precious info.

- Security Updates and Backups

Backup Your Data in Case of Emergency

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Whether you need short-term support or a long-term partnership, we can't wait to discuss your needs and find solutions that will transform your IT infrastructure.


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