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DEMICON becomes the first monday.com Advanced Delivery Partner in the DACH region

DEMICON becomes the first monday.com Advanced Delivery Partner in the DACH region

Amazing news! We have just joined the exclusive monday.com Delivery Advanced Partners group, making us part of the top 15% of such partners globally. 

We are proud to archive this limited status, as it not only deepens our long-standing partnership with the cloud-based Work OS, but also recognises our expertise in managing complex monday.com projects.

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"DEMICON is the leading Advanced Delivery Partner of monday.com in the DACH region. Their impact on customers, customer satisfaction, and their level of knowledge is second to none. It’s a true pleasure having such a partner in your network”, Barak Zigdon Partnerships Regional Lead, EMEA comments.

As an Advanced Delivery Partner, we now offer our customers access to monday.com's latest features and capabilities, including real-time collaboration, customizable workflows, and integrations with other key tools and platforms.

"We are proud to be among the 29 monday.com Advanced Delivery Partners worldwide," stated Philipp Batman, CEO of DEMICON. "As a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, we always seek innovative tools and technologies that help our customers improve their daily work and boost their efficiency. The powerful platform of monday.com has already demonstrated effectiveness for numerous use cases, as it offers the perfect combination of flexibility, collaboration and automation. Therefore, we're excited to be the first Advanced Delivery Partner in Germany to scale the solution for large enterprises and bigger projects."

In today's fast-paced digital world, companies constantly strive for innovative platforms to streamline their work processes and enhance collaboration among team members. Our extended partnership with monday.com ultimately adds up to our big goal: to provide our customers with the best and most cutting-edge solutions for their digital transformation at all times.

At DEMICON, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services and solutions that help our clients quickly achieve their business objectives.

After numerous projects using monday.com over the past years, DEMICON has established itself as a leading expert in handling every platform aspect. Our expertise ranges from data analytics and visualisation tools to cloud migration services and custom software development. The extended partnership with monday.com ultimately serves our big goal: to simplify our customers' work processes with the best and most advanced services, so they can achieve better results in less time and reach their business goals faster.

Take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to supercharge your team's performance and bring your business to the next level. We are happy to support you every step of the way. 

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