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ITSM Success: Quick Issue Resolution with Jira Service Management & Insight | DEMICON

ITSM Success: Quick Issue Resolution with Jira Service Management & Insight | DEMICON

Riada partner (DEMICON) implemented an ITIL compliant Service Management Solution for one of the largest logistics company in the world, who have experienced a great impact in shortening Median Time to Resolution (MTTR).

We recently sat down with Senior Technical Consultant Christian Wiemer to talk about an ongoing Insight project with one of the largest logistics company in the world. Christian works for demicon GmbH - a Germany based Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and AWS Consulting Partner with offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Customer Engagement Highlight

One of the largest transport company in the world asked us to implement a customer service platform with Jira Service Management and Insight for asset management. The company operates in over 130 countries, and when they decided to merge several service divisions into one, one of their major challenges involved IT and customer service. The challenge was that they needed a tool to manage all service requests and assets - to gain control and provide better services to their customers.

Managed AWS Services: Implementation on the fast lane

Our solution was to present Jira Service Management and Insight with a few other apps, running in demicon’s AWS environment. One of the great benefits of Jira and Insight is that the implementation phase is very short compared to many other competitors, and it’s easy to setup up a demo instance to really show the customer what to expect.

We started the project in November 2017 and only 5 months later, or in March 2018, we successfully went live. For an enterprise company with a lot of different stakeholders involved it was a major success.

Up and running - with an impact

Jira Service Management and Insight have been live for a few months now and on average there are 1,200 tickets created each month. The goal is to lower the amount of tickets and shorten the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). To lower the MTTR, Insight plays a major role because of the ability to find related assets immediately. We already experienced a great impact on these figures.

Because of Insight’s flexibility, we saw the opportunity to use it to manage different kinds of assets within the company. Even though Jira Service Management has the concept of a customer, it is not possible to add any additional information about the customer. To solve that, we added over 4,000 customers to Insight, which allows the agents to easily access additional information in the Jira issue about their customer, such as location, telephone number and role.

Just the beginning: 30,000 assets will become 1 million

In addition to the customer base, the company is also managing their 300 applications and numerous hardware assets in Insight. In total they are managing around 30,000 assets in Insight today. Our next step in the project is to implement Insight Discovery, the network scanning tool, and we expect the asset count to rise up to 1 million assets.

In addition to Insight, we are also using several other apps as a part of the solution, like ScriptRunner, Automation for Jira, RefinedWiki and eazyBI. EazyBI and Insight have an integration which allows us to easily monitor all asset information and generate Insight reports.

We did it: Happy customers!

After the solution went live, the customers satisfaction rate has gone up significantly. In addition to their tickets being resolved faster, they can now easily raise tickets, track them and everything is more visual to the end customer.

When asking Christian what is the key to success in a project like this, his response was short and simple: “The key to success on any project is the customer relationship and setting the expectations right” - Christian Herrmann

How has Riada impacted demicon’s business?

Adding Insight to our solution base has made us stronger in presenting solutions to our customers, especially within the scope of ITSM.

We think Insight is a really powerful tool that can be used for so much more and we are including Insight more often in solutions that we present to our customers. Because of Insight's power and flexibility, it’s more complicated than many of the other apps on Marketplace, which leads to more consultation hours in customer projects.

“With Insight, the key to success comes down to experience. Solving different challenges with Insight, and other tools, requires you to learn more about the products. And when you know the product better, you see more opportunities.” - Christian Herrmann

We have a great relationship with Riada and they have really supported us in our Insight projects with our customers, both by providing a demo database, and by providing fast responses and detailed answers to all our questions.

If you need our support with any Insight or Atlassian related project - don't hesitate to contact us.

Learn more about demicon GmbH

demicon was founded in 2008, but in the beginning we were mainly in engineering support, targeting the automobile industry. The company has grown a lot since the early days, and today we offer variety of IT solutions across multiple industries – with a strong automotive focus. Atlassian is a very important part of our business as 75% of our employees are focused on Atlassian services. demicon became Atlassian Partners in 2016, and today we are Atlassian Platinum Partners and certified AWS Consulting Partners, providing consultancy, implementation services, infrastructure and Managed Hosting. demicon joined Riada’s partner program in September 2017 and we have been working closely with Riada ever since. What encouraged us to apply for partnership were our customers. In a short period of time, we had a few customers wanting a solution for asset management in Jira, and we knew that Insight was the best solution on the market. So it wasn’t a difficult decision to apply for partnership and invest our consultant’s time in learning the bits and pieces of how to manage assets with Insight.

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