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Online and physical workshops for individuals and teams
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Whether you're an Atlassian novice, avid user, or administrator,
our courses will get you and your team up-to-speed with the
latest trends in Jira, Confluence, and Atlassian Marketplace add-ons.

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Expert Training That Can Help You –

Learn the Foundations of Jira

The perfect entry point to get to grips with the foundations of Jira, learning processes, and workflows that can be utilized in your everyday work.

- Jira for Beginners

Learn the Foundations of Jira

Take Your Jira Administration Knowledge to the Next Level

Expand your Jira knowledge with practical use cases that will help you map out different usage scenarios – perfect training to become an Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator.

- Jira for Administrators

Jira for Administrators
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Master the Basics of Confluence

Hands-on training of Confluence to become confident in your understanding of the tool, ready to put into daily practice.

- Confluence for Beginners

Master the Basics of Confluence

Deep-Dive into the Technical Depths of Confluence Administration

Dive into the professional and technical depths of Confluence administration, giving you expert knowledge of user and app management, Confluence Space Administration, and third-party integration.

- Confluence for Administrators

Confluence for Administrators

Get Up-to-Speed with the Most Popular Apps from the Atlassian Marketplace

Grow your Atlassian portfolio by getting up-to-speed with the latest Atlassian Marketplace add-ons. We offer individual courses for:

- Add-On Training

Most Popular Apps from the Atlassian Marketplace

Learn from Anywhere – Your Home, Office, or Workshop

Flexible courses that can be taught around the circumstances of your business - from online, virtual classrooms to physical, in-person workshops within Germany and Switzerland.

We can also travel to you. Our teams located in Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, and Zürich are ready to meet you in person in the comfort of your own workspace.


Courses Tailored to You

Our courses and workshops can be tailored to the exact needs of you and your business. Get in contact with us to talk about how you can become an Atlassian expert in no time.


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