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Whether you need swift optimizations, UX and UI improvements,
or full-scale custom development, we're here to help.

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Do You Want To –

Speed Up and Optimize Your IT Workflow?

From performance tests to automated synchronization between Atlassian apps, our team of experts can help you find efficient processes that improve your IT's overall workflow.

- Automation and Process Optimization

Speed Up and Optimize Your IT Workflow

Ensure Your Code
is Spot-On?

We can review your code line-by-line, identify any critical coding errors, and offer constructive feedback for improvements. We can even refactor code, if it needs a fresh pair of eyes.

- Code Reviewing & Refactoring

Ensure Your Code is Spot-On?

Make Your Atlassian Apps More User-Friendly?

Service desk portal feel counterintuitive? Dashboards feel uninviting? Our UX and UI services will improve your Atlassian apps experience, making them a joy to use.

- UX and UI Services

Make Your Atlassian Apps More User-Friendly?

Make Your Software Work with Atlassian Tools?

From CRM platforms to SaaS tools, we can quickly integrate any third-party app so that it works efficiently as part of your Atlassian toolchain.

- Third-Party Software Integrations

Make Your Software Work with Atlassian Tools?
As soon as we started working with DEMICON, we saw results right away. The DEMICON team was by our side, guiding us towards reaching our goals. We can't wait to see where this partnership will lead to.
Client Testimonial DEMICON and CYNORA

Develop Your Dream Mobile App?

From design to full-scale development, we can build your dream mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. We'll create a high-performing solution that connects effortlessly with your IT infrastructure via the cloud.

- Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Expand the Capabilities of Your Atlassian software?

Tired of off-the-shelf software holding you back? Do you wish they could do more? We can make Atlassian tools work exactly how you want them with our tailor-made add-ons and plugin solutions.

- Custom Atlassian Add-Ons

Custom Atlassian Add-Ons

Launch an App on the Atlassian Marketplace?

Got a great idea for an Atlassian app, but resources are a blocker? We can help ideate, develop, and launch your app on the Marketplace – from start to finish...and beyond.

-Atlassian App Development

Atlassian App Development

Build Something That's Never Been Done Before

Have a custom software idea that you want to turn into reality? With our outsourcing and co-development services, we're here to make that happen.

Whether you need a full-time developer, a software engineering team, or a full-scale development studio, we can handle the entire project for you – from design, development, and integration to testing and software updates.


Let's Do It

How Do We Do It?



Listen, Learn, Discover Develop, Test, Iterate Implement, Publish, Maintain
First, we listen to your needs, expectations, and requirements. Then together, define goals and formulate a plan to make it all happen. Next, we create a proof of concept for you to see your idea coming to life. After your feedback, we develop the Minimal Viable Product to start testing its functionality.

We ensure that your custom software is implemented within your IT environment and running smoothly with the rest of your toolchain, guaranteeing it'll be up to date and stable.
For large-scale projects, we also evaluate your IT architecture and technology stack to see if there's anything that needs optimizing.
Then we iterate until you're 100% satisfied it's working the way you envisioned it and more.

We'll also take care of Atlassian Marketplace publishing, with you retaining 50% of the IP.



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We're eager to talk with you about your software troubles, software needs, and software dreams. Contact us to see what we can do together. We can't wait to hear from you.


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