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Robert Panholzer Joins the Team as Head of Sales

It gives us great pleasure over at DEMICON HQ to announce that the esteemed sales expert, Robert Panholzer, has joined the team as Head of Sales. As the ex-CCO of Grape Messenger, Robert has exceptional knowledge of the Enterprise software and solutions market. Now, he'll be helping grow our sales strategy...and we couldn't be more excited!

Philipp Batman, DEMICON CEO explains, "I have known Robert for a long time. Not only do I consider Robert as a friend, but also as someone who is truly inspiring to work with. So when I became aware that Robert was looking for new opportunities, it was obvious that we had to make him an offer to head the sales team at DEMICON. We're living in very dynamic and demanding times, and I'm confident that Robert will be taking our sales to new heights."

A veteran sales expert with over thirty years' experience, Robert has seen success within the worldwide Enterprise software and solutions market, focusing primarily on DACH and EMEA. In his own words, Robert has been exposed to "many sales models, including direct and indirect sales through smaller System Integrators, Big 4 System Integrators, and Independent Software Vendors."

On joining the team, Robert comments:

 "We have a responsibility to look towards the future of digitalization and do our best to help like-minded businesses take on new challenges when it comes to digital transformation. We want to partner with businesses that share a similar vision to us, focusing on a healthy, meaningful long-term process of change. We believe each partnership should be treated as a marathon, not a sprint."

Robert doesn't see sales as a job but rather a talent that everybody holds; some are just more natural to it than others. When talking about motivation, Robert explains, "I like to talk to people, I like to connect with people. Sales is not only about selling, but taking the time to listen to their needs." Luckily for us, Robert is a native Austrian with a track record of offering solutions and negotiating contracts in both German and English.

"When talking with a customer, I never want to say 'no' to an idea, even if it sounds crazy at first. Over time, this 'crazy idea' might end up breaking barriers. This is the type of culture I want to pursue at DEMICON; bringing ideas to the table, no matter how wild they initially sound," explained Robert.

Inspiration Strikes Anywhere

When it comes to being inspired, Robert explains that he can find it anywhere. You'll find Robert in the great outdoors, hiking across mountains when given the opportunity, soaking up all of the inspiration that Mother Nature has to offer. Robert even finds inspiration in Jürgen Klopp's management style of Gegenpressing.

Yet, his biggest motivation comes from his mentoring and support of nine children in Ghana, which he has done so for over a decade. Throughout the years, Robert has stayed in close contact with the family, providing them with education, insurance, and even the latest tech. "Four of them are finishing up their studies to become lawyers, and I couldn't be more proud of them," expressed Robert.

Now that Robert has joined the team, we look forward to finding inspiration from, not only his knowledge of Atlassian, but his experience of the world. 

We're excited to have you with us, Robert!

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