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We’re Excited to be a Part of Team Tour: The Series 2021!

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We couldn't be more excited to say that we're set to be a part of the inaugural Team Tour: The Series, held by our friends and partners, Atlassian, by sponsoring one of the event's sessions.

Team Tour: The Series will offer free access to never-before-seen talks and top sessions taken from Team '21, Atlassian's ultimate digital experience for developers, creators, innovators, and leaders. Previously known as Summit, Team '21 is the largest and most exciting Atlassian event of the year for IT enthusiasts and the Atlassian community.

This new Atlassian event focuses on the Future of Work, exploring the intersectionality of teamwork, humanity and tech, and exploring new ways to empower a business through remote work and digital transformation using Atlassian's tools.

About the sponsorship, DEMICON CEO Philipp Batman explains, "Ensuring that businesses are set up with the Future of Work is at the heart of what we do at DEMICON. This is why we're excited to sponsor Atlassian Team Tour: The Series, an event that we believe plays a huge role in empowering businesses and the larger Atlassian community through quality speakers and content."

Batman continues, "What's more is that we're proud to join the other distinguished sponsors of the event, some of which are our peers and strategic Atlassian partners around the world."

Atlassian Team Tour: The Series will be streaming throughout May and June 2021.

For more information, visit https://events.atlassian.com/teamtour21_the_series.