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3 New Atlassian Marketplace upgrades you don't want to miss.

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Over the past months, Atlassian has upgraded the features of the “Atlassian Marketplace”. The platform that allows users to buy and test apps that power up Atlassian products, or connect them to 3rd party tools.

The new marketplace improvements, provide the user with a better browsing experience due to a more reliable and higher performing app listing. Users now also profit from useful app migration information directly on the listings, and a built-in cost calculator to estimate the price of Cloud apps.

Let's take a deeper look in to the 3 new Atlassian Marketplace upgrades:

1. Improved design of the Marketplace app listing pages.

First released in July, this update provides a clear overview of app listing pages. An increased page performance combined with improved loading speeds make all searches more reliable and user-friendly - by delivering an easier navigation experience either on mobile devices or tablets.

2. Find information about cloud migrations directly on the app listing page.

Atlassian, to avoid confusion, integrated all information about cloud migrations right to the app’s listing page. Now you are able to see if an app is available via Atlassian’s Cloud Migration Assistant, access the cloud migration pathway and compare between the Server/Data Center and cloud alternatives right on the listing page.

Atlassian has also added the option to contact a marketplace partner and request a different hosting option for an app. With the hosting options drop-down, you are able to select the hosting option you’d like to request and a pop-up will generate a link to contact the partner right away. Try it out!

3. New design and app pricing tab.

If you ever had issues calculating the cost of an app, fear no more! Atlassian has started the roll-out of a new design experience for the cloud pricing tab - a built-in pricing calculator. This feature will determine the total monthly or yearly cost of any cloud app, depending on the number of users your instance’s needs. Just enter the number of users in your instance and the built-in calculator will provide you with the total cost.

These changes will be slowly rolled out to the public and will appear to most visitors from the end of August until mid-September. 

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