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Managed Cloud & IT Infrastructure

Benefit from secure, agile and scalable IT as a strong foundation that will free up time and money for strategic topics and boost your company’s success.


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Make modern, secure IT infrastructure your competitive edge


Believe us: There's more unused potential in your IT infrastructure than you think. We will help you unlock it with innovative, comprehensive solutions and individual consulting, making your company ready to face any challenges digitalisation might bring. We will help build your Cloud & IT infrastructure strategy.


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Transform your IT

Excellence in IT infrastructure and system performance boosts efficiency and makes your entire business future-proof. Whether it's a cloud, on-premise or hybrid approach, we will design and implement an intelligent tool landscape that meets your requirements and can be adapted to your company's growth.



Rely on smooth migrations 

Let our experts handle irregular and high-risk tasks such as data migrations and security checks. We will plan the migration together, take full responsibility and reduce downtimes to the absolute minimum. You focus on your corporate goals, we take care of your IT.


Meet compliance requirements at all times 

The larger your company gets, the more important it is to comply with regulations and to have effective, efficient risk management. DEMICON designs IT landscapes with maximum resilience and ensures that business processes are smooth and transparent while meeting your security and compliance requirements.


Successful performance management

Leave time-consuming IT administration tasks to our team, rely on our regular security checks and updates and benefit from maximum system availability. After all, reliable processes are crucial in IT. We report and resolve any irregularities immediately, ensuring that your IT runs smoothly and your company retains its high performance.

We wanted to take our IT landscape to the next level with customized solutions, and therefore were looking for IT experts with the right know-how. DEMICON has proven to be an excellent partner, guiding us every step of the way towards a more digital future with seamless processes. We are excited about the next steps of the collaboration.


IT strategy

Create the basis for long-term success.


Smooth, secure, straightforward


Protect your IT and your company.

Governance, risk, compliance

Meet requirements. At all times.


Agile and scalable: Maximise your success.

Monitoring & performance management

Rely on highest possible system availability.

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