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Typical Challenges

Lack of support in every stage of the development process and quality assurance

Uncertainty on the selection
of suitable platforms, architectures, toolchains, environments, workflows and processes

Managing complexity
of systems, interconnection and its development

Attaining system reliability
and the required level of quality


Lack of resources like shortage of workforce, expertise or experience

Intransparent planning and working progress

Decreased cross-functional and cross-company collaboration, documentation and information exchange


The Backbone of Electronic Devices

Embedded Systems are responsible for implementing intelligence, control, and connectivity. Over time, these systems have become increasingly sophisticated, capable of processing vast amounts of data and performing complex computations. They consist of multicore platforms or are interconnected with other devices and systems. 

There is an extensive range of hardware platforms and architectures in the market. Each designed for specific purposes, offering numerous interfaces and features and enhanced performance. Due to this, it's crucial to use the right components, suitable architectures, and efficient processes and focus on reliability, safety, security, and quality assurance.

Utilise our experience to maximise the potential of the development and Quality Assurance for your Embedded Systems.


Expertise & Services

Release cleanly structured and sustainable software for suitable embedded systems, offering robust and dependable features for your intended application. 


Embedded Systems



Embedded Software

Architectural Design and Development of Software for Embedded Systems.

  • Analysis of system requirements
  • Software architecture
  • Firmware and middleware for different platforms
  • Integration of hardware and software
  • Update strategies
  • Build management
  • Customised board support packages
    • Bootloaders
    • Operating systems
    • Integration of libraries and packages
  • Applications and graphical user interfaces


Quality Assurance

Test concepts, test management and testing for Embedded Software and Systems.

  • Analysis and definition of requirements
  • Customised test concepts and test strategies
  • Setup of test environments
  • Continuous integration
  • Testing for safety-critical applications
  • Implementation of unit tests, integration tests, system tests and production tests
  • Code and test reviews
  • Thorough incident reports


Embedded Safety & Security

Design and implementation of structures and mechanisms for Safety and Security.

  • Analysis of requirements and creation of concepts
  • Software architecture for safety
  • Security mechanisms
    • Encryption
    • Secure Boot
    • Memory protection
  • Secure updates


Connectivity & IoT

Implementing full connectivity through all system layers, from Embedded Systems to the IoT and into the cloud.

  • Communication interfaces
    • Wired and wireless
    • Different protocols
  • Management of interconnected devices
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Cloud integration
  • Data management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Updates over-the-air


Implementing Your Embedded Solution with DEMICON


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Tailored Solutions

Customise your development to fit your specific needs without increasing costs. Use or develop the right components, and customise testing to reduce effort. Select optimal workflows and tools to facilitate collaboration, information exchange, documentation, and knowledge sharing.


Expertise Plus Passion

We offer hands-on experience with various architectures, platforms, interfaces, operating systems, board support packages, libraries, build systems, tools, and best practices. Our team is driven by a passion for discovering the optimal solutions, bringing hardware and software to life, and ensuring high-quality system development. 


Optimised Processes

Optimising processes means improving or refactoring existing workflows and toolchains to increase efficiency and comfort while reducing pain points in embedded development.


Integration & Automation

Development and testing cycles are shortened by seamlessly integrating processes, tools, and automation through Continuous Integration. DevOps combined with suitable build systems and test environments can improve development and testing to accelerate results and feedback. 


Meeting Current & Future Requirements
Embedded development and quality assurance have to cover essential requirements such as power efficiency, cost efficiency, and a short time-to-market. Also, it's essential to remember the target application's requirements and future needs from the beginning, including reliability, safety, security, and maintainability. Additionally, setups for long-term developments including hardware exchange, software migration, and reusability of knowledge, components, and code are vital.



No matter where you are in the development or quality assurance process, DEMICON is here to support you through consulting, workshops, development, and testing. We initiate the process by analysing your specific needs and industry standards. Based on this analysis, we define the next steps.



Finding the Best Solutions.

Our team of experts has over twelve years of professional experience in developing Embedded Systems. We work closely with you, ensuring transparency in progress updates and effective information exchange using the best tools and processes. We offer continuous or scheduled results according to your service choice, all while prioritising seamless integration, cost-efficiency, and successful market entry. Our commitment extends to comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer, guaranteeing efficient and holistic solutions.


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